Monday, November 26, 2007

Europeans must realize that Islam is not just another religion in their multi cultural religious rainbow

(...) Europe would be committing a grave mistake if instead of fighting against Islam, she tries to appease the Islamists. Islam must be confronted forcefully and rejected completely. It is nothing but insanity to recognize a doctrine that calls you impure, idolater and even pig and orders its follower to slay you as a legitimate religion. Recognizing Islam is accepting your own death warrant. Muhammad said kill the unbelievers. You are an unbeliever. If you recognize Islam, you are agreeing to be killed. Isn't that stupid?

Muslims in Europe have gained too much power. The more Muslims become powerful the weaker Europe becomes. Europeans must realize that Islam is not just another religion in their multi cultural religious rainbow but rather is their enemy. Islam aims to destroy their culture, their democracy and take away their freedom. They must realize that Muslims are not going to integrate in their countries but rather want to swallow them. If the Europeans do not wake up soon and do not start deporting the Islamists en masse and denouncing Islam as their enemy, they will be annihilated sooner than they can think.

More abhorrent than war is making peace with evil. In the words of the 18th Century British parliamentarian Edmund Burke, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Those who advocate peace with Islam are fools of this century. If we do not stand against Islam it will grow and then billions will die. Trying to appease Muslims is foolish. It is informed by ignorance of Islam. Most cancers are treatable, if detected in time. But if you ignore them because you think fighting them is daunting, they will grow to a stage that will kill you. Today we have the choice. We can either fight Islam and extirpate it before it threatens our existence or wait and face the apocalypses.

The threat of Islam today, is much greater than the threat of Nazism during the 1930s. Failure to address this threat will result in a war more devastating than the Second World War. Those who advocate peace do not want peace. They are either the enemy itself that wants you to remain peaceful so he can kill you easily or the useful idiots who have no understanding of the danger the world is facing and have fallen into the trap of the enemy, dancing to the beat of their drums.


Let us remove these masks of deception. Those who advocate “peace” and demand more appeasements and concessions for Muslims are not really working for peace. They are either the enemy itself, or the “useful idiots” working for the enemy.

"Useful idiot" was a sobriquet that the the Chinese Premier Chou En Lai had given to the Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for his blind appeasing the communists and for in 1955 turning down the offer of permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council for India and arguing that the Communist China should get the seat instead. "The first step to be taken is for China to take her rightful place, and then the question of India might be discussed separately," India's then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru wrote in a letter to the country's top political leaders – explaining why he supported Beijing. He said "Hindi Chini bhai bhai", Indians and Chinese are brothers. But all these did not stop China from invading India in 1962. Appeasement never works

Today the leftists are the “useful idiots” for appeasing the Islamists, just as Neville Chamberlain was the useful idiot for appeasing the Nazis.

Actually the term "Useful Idiot" is believed to be coined by Vladimir Lenin to describe those gullible western reporters who would endorse the Soviets who in just three months had tortured and executed more dissenters than the czars had done in 92 years from 1825-1917. Later on these "useful idiots" would continue praising communism, its policies and its "achievements" during the Cold War. They became apologists for the excesses of the Soviets and did their best to deflect any criticism of this brutal regime.

Today, most of the Western politicians and the mainstream media are vying for that dubious distinction to be the useful idiots for Islam. They volunteer to defend Islam, become its unpaid apologists and say Islam does not preach peace, every time there is a news about terrorism.

The question is; whether the Europeans also want the title.

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Sumaiyah bt Ismail said...

You cannot just see on one perspective. In reality, even when you are ina court, in need to solve a case, you need both side of the story.

Muhammad also said to people of other religion this.

"Your religion is yours. My religion is mine"
Which means that he, as a prophet respects other religion. So why is there so much angst in your entry?

You mentioned about Islam, dominating the European? Are you kidding? So where is the proof? You did not substantiate your claim with facts.

You also mentioned about.."The treat of Islam today, is much greater than the threat of Nazism during the 1930s".

Like what?

You don't know Islam in depth. Then don't claim as if they're a bunch of extremists. Before you hate Islam, you must find a reason why. And just because you know about one flaw, does not make you the RIGHT to hate Islam.

And don't generalise the word "Islam". Because not all Muslims are terrorists. Those that are terrorists are the ones that have gone astray. So I think you need to wake your ideas up.

Pantocrator said...

You are perfectly right: not all muslims are terrorists, they are not all "a bunch of extremists", but Islam justifies and even glorifies those muslims who are terrorists and evil-doing extremists. Muhammad obviously did say: "Your religion is yours. My religion is mine." But that was at an early stage of his "career". Don't you know the Quran? What does it say about the Christians and the Jews? Yes, we hate Islam, but not the Muslims. The muslims are poor prisoners of this false and detestable "religion" which opposes and fights the only True Religion, the one revealed to us by JESUS CHRIST, The Redeemer, The Saviour, The Ruler of All!

Muslim said...

It's very sad that you have a narrow mind. In my country, Muslims and Christians live in harmony and love each other. You no nothing about my religion so please stop condemning. I have no hatred in my heart for people of other religion because my religion teaches me so. Your version of my religion is distorted.