Monday, November 12, 2007

Muslims claim that Jesus Christ and all the Old Testament prophets were true Muslims

The followers of Muhammad show outward respect and devotion to Jesus Christ as well as to all of the Old Testament prophets. To show this outward respect, a Muslim writer puts an acronym after the name of Jesus Christ or one of the Old Testament prophets. The most common acronym used is 'pbuh,' meaning, "peace be upon him." It is the English meaning of the Arabic words, Allah's Salaam. Furthermore, Muslims claim that Jesus Christ and all the Old Testament prophets were true Muslims and prophets of the Lord of the Universe. On the surface, this sounds amazingly supportive of Jesus Christ and the ancient messengers of Allah. There is hardly a religion in all the world that praises these faithful servants of Allah more than Muslim believers.
Yet, in spite of all the verbal praise that Muslims heap upon the holy prophets, they are one the most vigorous opponents to their prophetic message. They disparage and attack the prophetic messages in the holy scriptures, claiming they have been corrupted by Jews and Christians. So, on the one hand, they praise the prophet’s names to the high heavens; but, on the other hand, they toss the prophet’s writings to the lowest earth. It is easy to be charmed by a Muslim’s praise of the divine prophets. With atheists, there is no danger of being disarmed. Atheists don’t believe Allah exists; therefore, they don’t believe there were any divine prophets. So, they don’t praise the prophets above any other person who gives an educated opinion. But, with Muslims, the danger exists, because they claim the Old Testament prophets were divine messengers. Yet, subvert the message itself and argue that the Old and New Testament writings don’t reflect what the prophet wrote. With respect to atheists and Muslims, the end result is the same. Both views attack the integrity of Allah’s message contained the Holy Scriptures.
Now, a person might wonder why it is necessary for Muslims to reject the writings of the true prophets of Allah. Primarily, it is because Muhammad and his message do not harmonize with Allah’s true prophets. He is like a discordant note. So, naturally, Muslims have to claim that the Old and New Testaments were corrupted and are no longer trustworthy. Because, if the Old and New Testament writings really reflect Allah’s truth, then Muhammad and his message stand opposed to the entire prophetic lineage. So, it is vital to Muslim apologists to subvert the message of the ancient witnesses. Their goal is more effectively accomplished by effusive praise of the prophets. (more...)

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