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The Battle of Vienna, 1683

Juliusz Kossak Sobieski pod WiedniemThe large-scale battle was won by Polish-Austrian-German forces led by King of Poland Jan III Sobieski against the Ottoman Empire army commanded by Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha.
The siege itself began on 14 July 1683, by the Ottoman Empire army of approximately 138,000 men (although a large number of these played no part in the battle, as only 50,000 were experienced soldiers (Turks), and the rest less-motivated supporting troops.). The decisive battle took place on 12 September, after the united relief army of 70,000 men had arrived, pitted against the Ottoman army.

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The heroism of valiant and visionary knights like Jan Sobieski could visualize the far-reaching dangers to European civilization from the Muslim Ottoman threat. In this sense, Sobeiski and Charles Martel stand tall over Alexander, Julius Caesar, Napoleon or Nelson. Sobieski marched to Vienna with an army of about 30,000 men.
Sobieski and the European kings of the 16th century could realize that an enemy is an enemy, regardless of whether he is in the armed forces of the enemy or is loyal to the enemy by reason of being a co-religionist of the enemy. Thus an enemy civilian is also an enemy. This is the harsh reality, that Americans and Europeans need to face. If they refuse to face it, there would be many more Theo Van Goughs in the near future in Europe, Australia, USA and the rest of the Western world.

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