Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jesus Christ Crucified for the Salvation of Mankind

Christ CrucifiedMuslims teach that Judas, not Jesus, was crucified on the cross, in a case of mistaken identity. Muslims teach that Judas Iscariot, the betrayer and thief, is the real saviour of Christians. Muslims teach that it was actually Judas who actually died on the cross and because Judas had a similar physical appearance to Jesus even his own mother didn't recognize him as she wept at the foot of the cross. For 600 years Christians had been preaching Christ crucified. Then Muhammad comes along, jumps off his camel and gets a direct revelation from God that the universal record of history and the 10,000 manuscripts of the Bible, are all wrong. The idea that Judas was crucified instead of Christ, is so outrageous, no educated person would consider it. Even atheists, modernists and Bible haters who reject the resurrection of Christ consider Muhammad’s story of the cross nothing other than a myth and contrary to the undisputed facts of history. (Read more...)
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